With a severe lack of jailbreaks , the time has come to start looking for other ways to modify our iOS devices . One the most recent and possibly one of the best is called TweakBox, a feature-rich installer that gives us access to loads of jailbreak features without the need to jailbreak our iOS devices.

Image : TweakBox Download

TweakBox Features :

TweakBox [ext link] provides several different categories that cover the needs of just about every user.

  • Flash Apps – apps that shouldn’t be present in the iOS app store
  • TweakBox Apps – emulators, screen recorders and more 
  • App Store Apps – premium and paid apps for free
  • Modified Games – hacked versions of your favorite games
  • Tweaked Apps – modified apps, like Instagram and SnapChat, with features that you wouldn’t normally get with the stock app

TweakBox vs vShare :

vShare was one of the first app installers and it used to be available through Cydia Only. However, recently it has been made a non-jailbreak app installer and is available for users to download. The downside to this is that vShare does not contain anywhere near the content that TweakBox does and certainly nothing like you could access through the Cydia version of the app installer. Access to third-party apps is very limited and those that are available are modified versions of apps that are similar to those in the iOS app store. TweakBox, on the other hand, goes further and offers us a wide range of third-party apps, as well as those found in the app store and on Cydia.

Image : TweakBox vs vShare

Both offer unlimited access to premium and paid content for free, the main reason why vShare was set up but, although both installers are community driven, TweakBox seems to get access to the latest content much quicker than vShare does. In fact, it is fair to say that, out of the two, TweakBox is the nearest to Cydia we are going to get without installing a jailbreak and that makes it a must-have app installer.

Download TweakBox :

TweakBox is very easy to download and install onto your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and deleting it is even easier if you don’t like it:

  1. Open the Safari browser on your device [ no other browser will work ] 
  2. Go to 
  3. Locate the UP arrow and tap it 
  4. Tap on Add to Home Screen 
  5. Call the app icon TweakBox and then tap on Add 
  6. When you have come out of Safari, TweakBox will be on the home screen 

Video: A demonstration of how to install TweakBox

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