Is Vshare Download Safe ?

Apple does not allow iOS users to install apps from any other source than the App Store so that the devices do not get infected with malware or do not become hosts for useless, bugg apps. But many users who don’t like this strict rule gain freedom by using jailbreaks. However, there are people who do not want to get involved into jailbreaking. Such people can get their hands on pirated apps [ paid apps for free ] by using vShare [ more about vShare] .

What is VShare ?

vshare safe

Just like the App Store, vShare is a similar store but contains pirated and fake apps. You do not need to pay anything and you can download popular premium apps. This is what has made vShare so popular amongst users and is one of the most downloaded apps. vShare is an app that contains an app store within itself. A lot of users also compare it to the Alternative App by Installous, which is a Cydia tweak. And yes, vShare itself is free to download.

Does vShare Require Jailbreaking ?

No. That’s the whole idea behind vShare. For those who do not mind jailbreaking their device, Cydia already offers a lot of pirated apps. Thankfully, to install vShare on your iOS device, you do not need to jailbreak your devices. The app works on stock iOS devices directly.

Is VShare Safe to Download ?

On the official vShare website, the makers behind the pirated app store have mentioned that the apps that are available in vShare are put through several different virus scans along with an auto-scan and a manual scan to ensure that the apps are free of malware. In case any app is found carrying any type of virus, it is removed immediately and is not listed on vShare. Also, users can easily remove apps directly from the settings of the vShare app. Read how to Delete vShare from your iPhone or iPad. Its just two simple steps.

Download vShare :

vShare is available in two different versions. When you visit vShare Download website , you will find that one version of the vShare app is available for jailbroken iOS devices, while the other is meant for stock iOS devices.

You can follow the below-given process to install vShare on your non jailbreakable iOS device.

  1. Make sure you have working internet on your iOS device. This method needs wifi or cellular data to work. No PC or Mac is required for this tutorial.
  2. Launch Safari browser in your iOS device and visit
  3. After the page loads up on your device follow the tutorial given here for the next steps.

In case you are not able to install some apps from vShare, just restart your iOS device and try downloading again.

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