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vShare is a name most of us have heard of. It used to be that you could only get it through Cydia, after jailbreaking your iPhone or iPad but things have moved on a little and you can now use it without a jailbreak. vShare is the go-to app for those who want to download paid and premium apps and games without paying for them. It is similar to an app store, filled with all the most popular games, like Minecraft PE, and GTA, along with an excellent choice of media apps like PlayBox HD. Until now, you had to download vShare directly onto your iOS device and, if you opt to use the non-jailbreak method, this didn’t always work as well.

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vShare PC

There is another option : vShare for PC, otherwise known as vShare Helper. This is downloaded to your PC first and then you can send it to your iOS device quite easily without having to jailbreak at all. With vShare for PC, you gain access to a whole host of apps, games, ringtones, wallpapers and media, all for free. At the moment, this does only work on the Windows operating system but Mac users will not miss out. All you have to do is install a virtual machine on your Mac and you can follow our tutorial on how to do that here.

How to Install vShare for PC

  1. First download vShare Helper onto your Windows PC
  2. Run the application on your PC – rest assured this is perfectly safe to do and will result in vShare Helper being installed on your PC vshare helper download pc1
  3. You will see a vShare Helper Wizard on your screen – choose the location you want to install it vshare helper download pc0
  4. On the next screen check the box beside IPA File Auto Associate
  5. Click on Install 
  6. As soon as the installation has been completed click the button that says GO

At this point you will be asked to connect up your iOS device to your computer , do so now

  1. On the screen that appears, look in the bottom right corner. You should see vShare icon and beneath it you will see when the installation is complete – when finished it will say, Idle or Complete
  2. Tap the vShare icon to install vShare to your connected iOS device
  3. When installed, you can click on the tab that says App to look for apps or games to install – you will find a wide choice of both jailbreak and paid or premium app store apps
  4. If you want to use the Music tab, you must have iTunes so make sure you have the most recent version. Music that you download here will go straight into your Music app

How to Install vSHare Apps on your iOS device :

When vShare has been installed on your device:

  1. Tap on the icon on your home screen to launch it vshare_safari0
  2. Click on the tab that say App
  3. Choose the app you want to install and tap on Download vshare_download_8 (3) 2
  4. On the left side of the screen, find and tap on App when the download is complete. Tap on the green arrow beside the app you want to install
  5. As soon as tis indicator reaches 100%, your app is installed and ready for use

Alternative Option for vShare Download :

If you want to jailbreak and use vShare that way, you must use Pangu or Taig to jailbreak tools to Download Cydia [ext link] and then follow these instructions on how to install vShare by adding AppVV repo on Cydia [tutorial link] .

Have your used vShare for PC yet ? What do you think of it ? If you want more tips and tutorials like this one, follow us on Facebook.

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  1. did this app is totally free?, no vip or anything cost money, second, is there a hacked version of a game on this app? i want all episode on minecraft story mode, third ,can go online on game that must be online?

  2. how to download for PC
    i cant find a link to download
    whenever i click on the “download” options,it is only available for ios

  3. CAn you please help me? Everytime I open the Vshare Helpwe,it says that an update is required, but it doesn’t run, it just closes…

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