Panda Helper

There are so few jailbreaks about now and we hear so little from the developers that most of the jailbreak community has stopped hoping for a new utility. We are lucky now in that we do have several alternatives, third-party app installers that offer a few Cydia tweaks and loads of other content. One of the first to be released was called vShare, an installer that we used to install through Cydia to get paid content for free. It was brought out of Cydia and made available to all of us and, while it’s a good installer there is an alternative that holds more variety of content. Its called Panda Helper and you don’t need to jailbreak to use it.

Image : Panda Helper Download Tutorial

What is Panda Helper ?

Panda Helper [ext link] is very much like an app store, a cross between the official store and Cydia. Everything in Panda Helper is free, even the paid app store apps and games, and there is a decent range of Cydia tweaks, paid content for free and some of the best ++ modified apps, like Instagram++, Spotify++ and Snapchat++. Because there is no need to jailbreak, anyone can use Panda Helper and all the useful features it has.

Panda Helper Features :

Panda Helper is one of the more comprehensive app installers with features like:

  • It’s easy to download and use
  • It is completely free
  • You don’t need to jailbreak 
  • It works on all iOS devices on iOS 7 and above
  • Loads of paid and premium app store content for free
  • Some of the best Cydia tweaks
  • Modified apps and games for free
  • New content added daily
  • Instant notifications of updates to your apps
  • All updates can be done through Panda Helper
  • Works on Android
  • Many more features

How to Download Panda Helper :

Panda Helper is dead simple to download, even though you won’t get it in the official iOS app store. We’ve written a full step by step tutorial for you to follow and you will find that, along with loads of other useful information, at the link below. We’ve also provided full instructions on how to delete Panda Helper from your device if you need to.

Panda Helper is free to download although there is a paid version too. The free one has plenty of features to tempt pretty much any user; paying for it just gives you a few extras. It is one of the more comprehensive installers and is also proving to be an incredibly popular alternative to Cydia. It won’t replace Cydia entirely but, while we are waiting to see if any new utility is forthcoming, it will fill a gap.

Panda Helper is free to use and has support for a wide range of devices and firmware versions so give it a go and see what you think of it; don’t forget to tell us and follow us on Facebook for more updates.

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