vShare Installer

vShare app is one the best alternatives to Cydia that iPhone and iPad users have today.

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In vShare you can find thousands of app and games, quite a few modified with extras that make the app or game far more useful to users, and you can even get a few Cydia tweaks. And you get all this without jailbreaking and all for free.

Supported iOS Firmware’s :

vShare supports the following firmware on all iOS devices and we also have a special guide for the iPad:

vShare doesn’t just work on iOS devices though; you can also install it on Android using the vShare .apk file – Click the download button for full details:

Android APK

And you can install it on your PC and take advantage of your system hardware and a larger screen. Click the download button for more details and a walkthrough:

vShare Helper for PC

How to Use vShare App :

Once you have chosen your platform and downloaded vShare, you’ll want to start using it. It is a fantastically easy way to get all manner of apps and games on your device and here’s how:

  1. Find and tap the vShare icon on your home screen
  2. Pick the category you want to look in
  3. Have a look through the apps and games available or find one using the search bar
  4. Tap your chosen app or game and follow the in-app instructions to download it.

That’s all it takes.

Is It Safe and Legal to Use ?

vShare is legal because it doesn’t contravene the security protocols in place on your device and it is safe to use for the same reason. Because you download and use it in the same way you do any app, and because it doesn’t exploit any loopholes in the firmware, your device and data are completely safe, You also have the added protection of the installer having full SSL encryption built-in.

Why You Need to Use vShare

With each update that Apple releases to the iOS firmware, we get more features so why would you need to install an external app installer?

It’s quite simple; Apple still doesn’t offer everything and this app installer gives you the means to download from thousands of apps and games for FREE; content that you don’t have a chance of getting on iOS 12 or any other firmware. If you don’t install it, you miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime.

App Features:

What does the installer offer? Apart from not needing Cydia to install it, you get all of this for free:

  • App Store Apps – plenty of apps and games from the official app store
  • vShare Exclusive Apps – Apps you can only get in vShare, including screen recorders, games emulators, movie and music streaming apps and more
  • Tweaked Apps – tweaked stock apps with new features to make them more functional, including MovieBox, Terraria TV, Spotify++, and more
  • Modified Games – top-rated games modified with new features, including Pokémon Go, My PlayHome, GTA, and many more

vShare is an app installer not to be missed and this page will be updated with new details and download guides as they become available. Follow us on Facebook, like this page and then click on Following>See First to be notified of the updates as published.