MovieBox is becoming one of the most popular apps of all times and, for those who don’t know what it is, it is a portal for giving people Free Access to all sort of 2018 -2019 TV Shows and Movies on the device the app is installed on. MovieBox is free to download and contains a whole host of different streaming options, including Full HD Movies. Instead of having to download the shows and movies, just choose the one you want to watch and then stream it.

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There are two things to note here :

  • First, you do not need to jailbreak your iOS device to use MovieBox
  • Second, installing the app is not as simple as finding it in iTunes and tapping the Install button 

The reason for this is because it is one of those apps that Apple simply wouldn’t allow in the app store, because of the sheer number of Apple’s guidelines the app goes against.  Because of that, the only place to get MovieBox is via vShare and the instructions for downloading vShare can be found below :

For those of you who are not used to doing this sort of thing, you might find it a little strange and a bit of a long-winded method to getting this app onto your device in such a way that it can get past the security mechanisms that Apple has in place. Plus, being a World of Enterprise profile, you might come up against a small error when you attempt to install and use the MovieBox app . This is because Apple doesn’t want you to have apps like MovieBox on your iPhone. The error is Apple’s way of saying to you that the app you are trying to install does not come from a known source and they won’t run it unless you give express permission for it.

How to Install and Run MovieBox  :

  1. Directly download Movie Box app from its official store
  2. Open and tap on Search 
  3. Type in MovieBox and you will see a list of results 
  4. Choose the one that corresponds to the iOS version you are currently running . Tap on Download
  5. You will get a message pop-up to ask if you want to install MovieBox, tap on Install 
  6. Once the installation has finished, you can open the app from your home screen and begin streaming your favorite shows or movie MovieBox-2

MovieBox Not Working Error :

If you do get the error message mentioned above, open Settings > General > Profile and tap on the certificate that is the problem. From there, tap on Trust and MovieBox should now run without any errors on iOS  . ios9_settings_general_profile

Alternative Method to Download Moviebox :

You can also run MovieBox on a jailbroken device. Simply download Cydia on your iOS device, using the given tutorial :

  1. Cydia Download Tutorial [ext link] cydia iphoen 6 ios 8
  2. When the jailbreak is complete, launch Cydia from your home screen and follow the instructions to configure it for the first time.
  3. After that, you can search for MovieBox on Cydia and download it that way.

Do you use MovieBox ? Are you likely to now you know how easy it is to get it on your iOS device ? Let us now in the comments box below and follow us on Facebook for instant news notifications.

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  1. It doesn’t work….like seriously….vShare was so good….then you added you had to use a PC to download it….and I was ok with it guess but then now you add I download it with PC then not work and I go to download movie box but doesn’t work comes screen saying download but I’m on app and I downloaded but no work? Help please bring vShare two thousand sixteen back

  2. I downloaded vshare and then Moviebox. Both worked fine for about four days and Movie stopped working. Same with vshare. Since then I have been unable to download vshare on my iPad. It seems like Apple is actively blocking the download of vshare.
    Is there an alternative to get Moviebox?

  3. Good app for very good entertainment,, when it works. Get the quirks out of it my screens going total blank, and what’s up I have faith in you persons

  4. Works fine for me certain hours of day but for last 2 days between 10:30pm and sometime 6:00 can’t get to respond

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