Minecraft is, without a doubt, one of the single most popular games that has ever been played. It isn’t a game of fancy graphics, it is a simple, blocky game of survival, originally developed for the PC. Now it is available in many different versions, including one for mobile devices, called Minecraft Pocket Edition. In the PE version of the game, you must defend yourself against a vast range of different monsters and even against other players.

Image : Minecraft Download


You have to gather resources to help in your bid for survival, to build and to fight against the monsters, known as mobs. Crafting weapons and other items is the only way to survive the game, and much of the resources are found by exploring the world, the caves and the dungeons and even, if your ca get access to it, an alternative world known as the Nether. To survive you must be creative, quick and you must have your wits about you at all times.

How to Get Minecraft Pocket Edition on iPhone :

Minecraft PE has two main modes of play – Survival, in which, obviously, you must survive and advance through the game and Creative mode. This brings a different dimension to the game, allowing you an unlimited amount of resources, and free rein to build pretty much whatever you like, including vast structures and some pretty incredibly machinery. The only limit in Creative mode is your own imagination.


Minecraft Pocket Edition is available on iTunes for download right now. It supports multiplayer mode through Wi-Fi and online through a number of different hosted game servers. You can also play multiplayer cross platform games against players on Windows 10 and other Pocket Edition platforms.


How to Download Minecraft PE on iOS :

There are two ways to get it onto your device. First, do make sure you are running the latest version of iTunes.

Method 1 – Directly on your iPhone or iPad

  1. Open the iOS app store on your device
  2. Search for Minecraft PE
  3. Hit the download button and make your payment
  4. Install Minecraft PE to your device and enjoyminecraft_vshare2

Method 2 – On your PC

  1. Open iTunes on your PC
  2. Connect your iOS device to your PC and wait for iTunes to detect it
  3. Purchase Minecraft PE [ext link – appstore ] . It will be downloaded into iTunes on your PC
  4. Click on File > Devices > Transfer Purchases

Minecraft PE will be synced onto your iPhone or iPad. It will work on any iOS device running on iOS 6 or later.

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