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There are a few reasons why people jailbreak but the main one is so that we can modify our iPhones and iPad how we want to, by using the many tweaks and modifications in the jailbreak app store, Cydia. One other reason is that some users want to be able to download paid and premium games for free but now there is a way to do that without having to jailbreak first. It’s an app called vShare and the way to download it onto your device is by using vShare Helper.

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vshare mac

What is vShare Helper ?

The normal way of downloading vShare is directly onto your device but that isn’t always straightforward so vShare Helper was developed as a tool to help the process. Instead of downloading the app straight on to your device, vShare Helper does it through your PC [ Windows Operating System ]. And, it can help you with a few other things as well, such as making it easy to back your files up and place media file straight into the Music app.

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Unfortunately, vShare Helper only works on Windows PC’s but there is a way around it for Mac [ OSX ] users, by installing a Virtual Machine. In this tutorial we are using a VM [ Virtual Machine ] called Parallel, first. Here’s how to get vShare Helper on a Mac .

Steps to Run vShare Helper on Mac :

  1. Download Parallel Mac OSX App from this link trial.parallels.com. You have to pay for the full version of this software but there is a free trial available for 14 days which should be more than sufficient for this . [ Note : 294 MB dmg File ]. parallel 11 desktop
  2. The next part is installing Windows inside of Parallel after having it installed on your Mac. Unlike OSX , Windows OS does not come in free for download. For a trial version of windows you need to be a member of the Windows Insider Program. So go ahead and sign up here insider.windows.com  
  3. Now you can download the Windows 10 Technical Preview [ this is a .ISO file ] . No problem , you can run this from within Parallel aswell
  4. When you have downloaded the ISO, locate it in Parallel and click on it
  5. Now open up the Windows 10 Technical Preview in the Parallel virtual machine New Virtual Machine Wizard parallels
  6. Install Windows 10 on your Mac. [ Note : You can always remove this later on when you are done ]
  7. The next step is to create your user account
  8. Once you have done that, you can go ahead and download vShare Helper [full tutorial] 

Virtual Machine Alternative :

It is a bit of a fiddly workaround but, right now, this is the only way for a Mac user to get vShare Helper on to their computers. The only other way to get vShare onto your device is to jailbreak iPhone first to Download Cydia [ext link] and then download vShare from Cydia by adding the AppVV repo .

Let us know how you get on with downloading Parallels Virtual Machine. Follow us on Facebook and we’ll let you know when vShare Helper is updated to support Mac OSX.

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  1. help when I open the windows 10 ISO file it says it is unrecognized and when I proceed my mac just freezes and I have to Force Quit parallel to use my computer again.

  2. Me parece que deberían hacer una version para Mac ya que igual es bastante incomodo estar instalando los programas. Y el programa era para usuarios de apple en un principio, 0 al menos vuelvan a hacer que funcione como antes, como para poder descargarlo desde el celular y que no se congele el programa y este no vuelva a funcionar con las aplicaciones que fueron descargadas con el programa.

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