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In the days when jailbreaking was rife, iRec was the most downloaded of all screen recorder apps, only available at that time through Cydia. The developers allowed it to fall into disuse after they stopped providing updates for it and users were forced into looking for an alternative. iRec has now been redeveloped, brought back as a free app outside of Cydia and it has even more features than it ever had before. And, with support built in for any iOS device on any iOS version, iRec is going to be even more popular than it was before.

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How to Download iRec :

iRec is not signed into use by Apple and is not allowed in their store so you can’t get it through the normal channels. Because of that, you need to get it another way, through vShare so keep reading to find out how:

  1. Download vShare using the guide at the link 
  2. Open vShare and look for iRec using the search facility 
  3. Wait for the results and then tap the one that corresponds to your iOS device
  4. Some download instructions will appear on the screen, follow them to install iRec [ ext link ] 
  5. When it has finished, you can use iRec for all your screen recording needs  

How to Stop iRec Crashing Issues :

iRec is a stable app but it is going to crash within a couple of days of you installing it. This is down to Apple, revoking the certificate because it is not an official app, and not because iRec itself has gone wrong. Reinstalling iRec will bring it back but it is better to stop Apple revoking that certificate in the first place and you can do that by installing Anti Revoke VPN tool. Find out how it works by clicking on the given link.

iRec Alternatives :

While iRec offers features that will suit most people it won’t be for everyone. If it doesn’t provide the features or the functionality that you want, have a look at one of these alternative screen recorder apps:

  • AirShou

AirShou has always been a popular screen recorder, one of the most downloaded from Cydia. The developers withdrew the app from Cydia after a while and never brought it back in but now you can get it without having to jailbreak. A newly overhauled app, AirShou offers you the chance to produce professional videos of whatever you want on your screen by providing features such as 1080p 60fps video recording, top-notch stereo sound recording and a simple, intuitive app that allows you to record with the tap of an on-screen button. AirShou offers much more so click the link to find out how you can download it today.

  • CoolPixel

The other alternative to iRec is called CoolPixel, a very powerful app that offers not just 1080p 60fps video recording features but a whole lot more besides. When you create your video on your device, you can also edit it using the video editing features included in CoolPixel. Choose a movie effect for your video by selecting a rich-filter, swipe your finger to add dubbing or subtitles, and use the search facility to find more videos at BGM online. You can also import your own HD videos if you choose and it is also fully supported on Android devices too.  Find out what CoolPixel [ext link] can do for you and how you can download it today by clicking the given link.

Screen recorder apps are a vital tool in today’s digital world and these are some of the best so let us know how you get on and follow us on Facebook for more up to date news.

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