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There are loads of new games and apps coming out; iTunes is packed with them but it sometimes seems that the cost is just a little too much for some people.  You could jailbreak your iPad and download the game that way but that isn’t something that appeals to everyone. You could also download an app called vShare, which you can do with or without a jailbreak.

Image : vShare iPad Download

vshare ipad download

vShare is similar to AppCake and Install0us but it contains more in the way of paid games and apps for free. It also isn’t as straightforward as going into Itunes and downloading a game but it is safe.

Right now, there is a loophole that makes it legal and safe to download vShare. Normally, Apple would not allow you to install this kind of program on your iPad because it contravenes most, if not all, of their security requirements for apps. Get it now, for free, before that loophole is closed.

Method 1 : Safari Method

  1. On your iPad, open Safari browser vshare_safari_ipad0
  2. In the address bar, type in vsharedownload.com vshare_safari_ipad3 copy
  3. On the page that loads, tap on the UP arrow at the top right of the page vshare_safari_ipad3
  4. An options menu will appear tap on Add to Home Screen vshare_safari_ipad4
  5. Call your icon vShare and tap on Add
  6. Close down Safari
  7. Look on your iPad home screen and you should see the vShare Icon vshare_safari_ipad1
  8. Tap on it for access to thousands of apps and games for free ipad_vshare

Video: Above steps explained step by step

Method 2 : vSHare Helper

  1. Download vShare Helper for PC or Mac  
  2. Now install vShare app on your iPad using vShare Helper for PC

Method 3 : AppVV Repo

You will need to add a new repository to Cydia. See the steps below.

  1. If you haven’t already, jailbreak your iPad and Download Cydia [ext link]
  2. Open up Cydia, let it configure for first use and close it down
  3. Open Cydia again and tap Sources > Edit > Add 
  4. In the box that appears, type the following URL – http://repo.appvv.org 
  5. Once the new AppVV source has been added to Cydia, you can go into it, search for vShare and download the version that corresponds to your iPad.

Error Messages – vShare Not Working :

Some people are unlucky in that they are faced with an error message when they tap on the Download button. The message says something along the lines of “cannot connect to ssl vshare.appvv.api” but there is an easy fix for this.

  1. Make sure all Safari tabs are closed down vshare_safari_close_appswitcher
  2. Make sure you have no open apps on your iPad
  3. Wait for a few minutes and then follow the installation steps again . It should work now without any trouble . It it still doesn’t work , skip to Method 2 .

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  1. I tried it over and over but when I click on the app icon, it brings me this this page. Is there a way you can help me. Please reply ASAP

  2. Is there any other way to download it other than the computer method? I tried the other methods and I can not do the computer method.

  3. I followed this step it work.i want to download a game.but it the game wasn’t free in the AppStore so I download vShare

  4. Please make it as easy to download vShare as you did a year or two ago. I have tried to download vShare for a while now and nothing has worked. And I mean Everything!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Also why did you change it?! It used to be a page with two options. Download vShare (jail broken) and Download vShare (unjailbroken). It was better then!!!!!!!!!

  6. Alright vShare team,
    I have some questions,
    Pls give me a solution to this problem . My iPad was iPad Air version iOS 10.2.
    I really need to install this app. Pls give a real quick solution to my problem becuz i will help me alot.TQ for replying this problem if you do reply..

  7. When I added vshare to my home screen and tapped on it, it gave me so many awesome free apps and games. I love it more than the Extensify app that only provides Exos which are modified apps

    1. But mine when i ad it on my homescreen then i will click it leads me back to vShare app search page…
      How can i download vshare on my ipad?need help.
      I tried all the procedures,i cant download vshare.
      I like to download games but how

  8. I’ve an I pad mini IOS 6.1 with vshared but I can’t update my I pad anymore. By the way I can’t found cydia on my pad. So how can I delete vshared?

  9. i hate this new vshare bring back the old one itwas better. Ive tried all the procedures but nothing happened i mean every procedures!!!!!!

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