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vShare used to be one of the most popular app installers on Cydia [ext link] but, with the lack of jailbreaks around right now, a lot of users are missing out on their favorite paid apps and games for free. iOS 10.3.2 download [ext link] has been released, pushing the chances of a jailbreak further back. Luckily, vShare has now been made available to download without an iOS 10.3.2 jailbreak [ext link], allowing us to download apps, games, themes, ringtones and much more. It has also now been updated to support iOS 10.3.2.

Image : iOS 10.3.2 vShare Download

How to Download vShare on iOS 10.3.2 :

There are three ways to do this , two methods that require no jailbreak and one that does. Start with the first method and work your way through until you find one that works for you.

Method 1: Safari Browser

  1. From your iOS device, launch Safari 
  2. Go to vsharedownload.com 
  3. Tap the UP arrow on the loaded page , look for it at the top or the bottom 
  4. Tap on Add to Home Screen , middle of the new options on the bottom of the screen 
  5. Type in vShare to name the app icon . Tap Add and come out of Safari 
  6. The new vShare app icon will be on your home screen 

Video: Watch to see how these steps work

Method 2: vShare Helper

vShare Helper was developed to make it easy to get vShare onto your iOS device. You need to use a computer to install the app onto your iOS device and you can find all the details you need in the linked article below:

Method 3: AppVV

AppVV are the developers of vShare and of vShare Helper. It is also the name of the Cydia repository where the app can be found. To install AppVV repo you must first jailbreak your device; check out the links below to get the guides and download links:

How to Fix vShare Errors :

Most people will not have any trouble with vShare but there is one common error that is being reported by some users. You will see an error message that says something like “cannot connect to ssl vshare.appvv.api” but, don’t worry, it’s easy to fix :

  1. Close Safari completely
  2. Close all open apps
  3. Wait for a couple of minutes and then try the above steps again

What do you think of vShare? Will you be using it? For more updates and the latest news follow us on Facebook.

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  1. vShare says that I must update the vShare Helper so I did. But it just closes and I keep on re-installing it and it would tell me to update, but no chance there. It has not been working. How do I fix this?

    1. Same with me. After I updated, bidefender blocked a trojan and multiple malware. It also installed dodgy software including something called cromium over the top of my browser. I do not trust this software at all.

    1. How to download vShare Fezan? I added the vshare icon on home screen as per process, but am not able to find any app in it. Please help

  2. Umm i did the steps and if I tap add its there but when I open it it just bring me to this website i tried iOS and iPad but it is still the same weird ps help me

  3. I’m trying to download terrarium Tv and it told me to download this VSHARE first however it’s still not doing anything for me. Does anyone know how this works?

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