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iOS 10 has not been the easiest to provide a jailbreak for and those utilities that have been released cannot be used by all iOS users. The main focus is on providing jailbreaks for 64-bit devices only, not too surprising given that Apple is gradually phasing out support for the older devices. However, it does mean that some people are missing out on being able to download their favorite paid apps and games. To support the recent iOS 10.2.1 download [ext link], vShare app installer has been made available to all users, whether they jailbreak or not.

Image : vShare iOS 10.2.1 Download Tutorial

vShare provides full access to paid and premium content, like Extensify [ext link] and HipStore [ext link] app installers but with more versatility. There are three ways to get vShare and two of them do not require you to jailbreak your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch so keep reading for all the details and download links:

Download vShare on iOS 10.2.1 :

There are three ways to do this. All these methods are explained below step by step. Try these methods in order. If Method 1 doesn’t work, move on to Method 2 and, if that doesn’t work, try Method 3.

Method 1: Safari Method

  1. Launch Safari browser 
  2. Go to vsharedownload.com 
  3. When the page has loaded, tap on the UP arrow. It will be at the top of bottom of the page, depending on the device you are accessing it from 
  4. Choose Add to Home Screen for the options 
  5. Call the app vShare and tap on Add 
  6. Exit safari and you will see the vShare app on your home page

Video: Watch this video for a walkthrough of these steps

Method 2 : vShare Helper

vShare Helper is a neat and useful tool that makes installing vShare on the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch dead simple, using your Windows or Mac OS Computer to install the files. It also provides a way for you to back your files up and put music you download straight into your Music app. Full details and a guide on downloading vShare Helper can be found at the given link below.

Image : vSHare Helper

Method 3 : AppVV

AppVV is the developer of vShare and the name of the repository that vShare is stored in. You can only get AppVV repository by installing a jailbreak on your iOS 10.2.1 device and then adding the repository to Cydia. Check out the links below for full details on how to do this.

Errors on vShare for iOS 10.2.1 :

While you shouldn’t have any trouble, you may be one of the unlucky ones who comes up against an ssl error that says, “cannot connect to ssl vshare.appvv.api”. This is easy to fix:

  1. Close down Safari
  2. Close down all open apps on your device 
  3. Wait a few minutes and then try the above steps again

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  1. After downloading the vShare helper TO my iPhone 6S, I am frankly confused about HOW TO USE IT TO DOWNLOAD APPS OR UPDATE EXISTING ONES – Please help — thanks

  2. I can’t download vshare?? What’s going on??? I’ve tried my iPhone, iPad, mac, and windows computer???? Help!!!!!

  3. Vshare has been working fine for one month. A few days ago vshare and all the apps I have downloaded through it shut down immediately.

  4. I have followed so many different instructions trying to jailbreak my device and have had no luck at all
    Can anyone help me ?

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