Jailbreaking has been a part of our lives for so long that it should be hard to imagine life without it. Sadly, since Apple released iOS 10, we’ve seen a significant downturn in the number of usable utilities and, for the majority of the jailbreak community, life without a jailbreak has now become a harsh reality.  We have been seeing a number of third-party app installers released and one of the first was called vShare. This is a name that is well-known in the jailbreak community as it could, once, only be go through Cydia but now it doesn’t need a jailbreak and offers a selection of what Cydia has. A more comprehensive installer has just been released though, and this one is called AppValley [ext link].

Image : AppValley Download Tutorial

What is AppValley ?

AppValley is very much like an unofficial iOS app store combined with Cydia. It offers everything the app store does along with loads of modified apps and Cydia tweaks. The only difference is, everything in AppValley is Free, even the premium app store apps. There is no need to install Cydia and it is packed with useful features and content, including.

AppValley Features : 

  • User-friendly app installer, easy to navigate
  • You don’t need Cydia 
  • Works on all iOS devices and Android too
  • The developers have categorized the content, making it easy for you to locate the app, game or tweak you want
  • Plenty of modified ++ apps, including the ever-popular Snapchat+, Spotify++, Instagram++ and Pokémon Go++ 
  • Loads of extra features

Supported Devices :

AppValley is compatible with iOS 10 and iOS 11 on these devices:

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • iPad Pro
  • iPad Air
  • iPad Mini
  • iPod Touch

You can also use AppValley on Android 2.2 or above and, provided you use an Android Emulator, like BlueStacks, you can also use AppValley on your PC.

How to Download AppValley :

AppValley is not an official app so you won’t find it in the app store. It has been fully tested and declared safe and reliable and you can download it by following the instructions at the linked post below.

How to Stop AppValley Crashing

Because Apple doesn’t allow it into the app store, it must be downloaded differently, and Apple will stop you from using it. They do this by revoking the app certificate a few days after you have installed it. Not only does this top AppValley working, it also stops your apps and tweaks from working too. Preventing this is very simple , after you download AppValley, install a VPN tool called Anti Revoke. Click the link to find out more and how to download it.

AppValley is not a replacement for Cydia and should not be considered as such. While it contains a lot of useful content, it can’t possibly hope to offer what the jailbreak store does, but it does offer enough to be considered a viable alternative for now. We can’t see the jailbreak situation changing too much in the near future and there is every chance that we will see more of these installers as time goes by.

For now, try AppValley and see what you think of it. Tell us in the comments box below, does it have the tweaks that you want? For more updates and other news, you can follow us on Facebook.

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