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vShare has always been one of the most popular of all Cydia apps, allowing us to download all sorts of paid and premium content from the app store for free but, with jailbreaks not being as frequent as they used to be, fewer people can download vShare through Cydia. Luckily, the developers made it available for download without a jailbreak, allowing so many more people to use it but it does come with a small problem.

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Most of those who have used it will already have discovered this problem, when they have to reactivate their apps every 7 days. This is because the app certificates expire and the reason behind this is that they are not officially signed by Apple. All certificates are verified on a regular basis and those that are not deemed to be valid are revoked, causing the apps to crash. With Anti Revoke, we no longer need to worry about this.

What is Anti Revoke ?

Anti Revoke [ ext link ] works very simply by blocking the verification of app certificates and this stops them from being revoked. It does this by way of a simple VPN which is installed to your device and then works in the background to provide protection for all apps. Should you install more apps after you have installed Anti Revoke, simply update it to add protection. Anti Revoke takes up little room on your iOS device and does not interfere with anything you are doing on it.

How to Download Anti Revoke :

Anti Revoke is very easy to download but, as you would expect, you cannot get it from the iOS app store. You also don’t need a jailbreak nor do you need your computer, only your iPhone or iPad and a working internet connection. The links below take you to all the details including a full download guide:

Anti Revoke is a necessity for those who use AirShou  [ ext link] screen recorder, especially if you are fed up with having to reactivate it every few days. Anti Revoke will solve all of your app revocation issues with one simple download so go ahead and do it and let us know how you get on with it. If you do run into any issues with it, you can find all the help you need in the articles above.

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