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It is a known fact that Apple likes to draw a very tight net around its iOS environment, which is why not every other app is allowed into the App Store. Unlike the Google Play Store for Android, the App Store in iOS is very closely monitored and only clean and original apps are listed in the store, and users are not allowed to download apps from anywhere else.

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But we have been able to bypass this security by jailbreaking our iOS devices, which is not as easy as it sounds. And due to the difficulty and risks involved in jailbreaking, many people decide never to jailbreak their iPhones and iPads. Such people do miss the benefits of jailbreaking, like installing premium apps for free. But thanks to vShare, even non-jailbroken iOS devices can now enjoy pirated apps.

What is vShare ?

vShare is a pirated app store for non-jailbroken iOS devices. It is meant for those users who do not want to jailbreak but still want to download pirated apps to their iOS devices. The makers of the store have found a loop hole in the security of the App Store which allows them to create a huge store of pirated/fake iPhone apps that can be downloaded on non-jailbroken iPhones and iPads.

How Does vShare Work ?

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According to some researchers, Apple allows companies to make their own apps that would be used only by their employees. It costs the company $299 to get a special license from Apple to be a part of the Apple Developer Enterprise program. Then the company’s apps can be used by the employees.

And even though such apps are not listed on the App Store, iPad and iPhone users can easily download those apps on their devices as the app certificate is still upheld by Apple servers. These certificates have been procured by the makers of vShare in order to create a pirated app store within the app. Read how to Download vShare on your device . Its easy to uninstall too. Read how to remove vShare from your iOS device in case you want to get rid of it later on . But once you install vShare it , you will want it again and again.

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vShare has got a collection of those iOS apps that are paid and are the most downloaded ones. These apps are available on vShare for free. And even though we don’t know how many times these apps have been downloaded, popular paid apps such as “Minecraft: Pocket Edition” (that is priced at $6.99) have received 1.4 million likes! Well, this is a huge loss for the developers of these apps if the loophole is not closed by Apple soon.

Yes, vShare is not a legal app store like iTunes, but it does look like one. On the vShare website, the developers say,

“We respect intelligent property and devote to protect the right of authors. If you consider your right has been violated, please contact us by providing related documents. We’ll remove such contents immediately.”

The vShare website is running since 2011, which is an indicator of how big this problem is. The owners of the website or their whereabouts are not mentioned anywhere on the website for obvious reasons. Though we do know that Apple is already working on the issue, as some users have reported that they were not able to download any apps from vShare today.

Apart from iOS apps, the vShare Website has also got collections of pirated Android apps, which is nothing new as there are thousands of websites that offer such downloads.

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  2. I have iphone ios 9.3.2, trying to download vshare app . do exactly like the guide. Vshare icon is on my homescreen. enjoying free apps. thanks!

  3. Vshare Helper doesnt read the information of my iphone, now that is upraded to IOS 10.0.2
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