vShare iOS 11

At one time, vShare was an incredibly popular app but it could only be downloaded from Cydia and that meant having to jailbreak. Emus4u is also a good app. iOS 11 download is here but we don’t

vShare iOS 10

The iOS 10 download has been a popular one but it has also been a difficult one to jailbreak. Although we have seen an iOS 10 jailbreak, it is not the same as the jailbreaks we are used to and can’t be used by everyone. That means there are those users who are missing

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If you are an old-hand at jailbreaking, then you will be aware of the benefits that Cydia brings. With the lack of jailbreaks that can be used by everyone, we have had to look elsewhere to find access to paid apps and games without having to pay for them. There are several


With a severe lack of jailbreaks , the time has come to start looking for other ways to modify our iOS devices . One the most recent and possibly one of the best is called TweakBox, a feature-rich installer that gives

vShare iOS 9

Jailbreak users get the freedom to install apps from different sources and enjoy their iOS 9 devices to the fullest. Meanwhile, stock iOS users are stuck with the apps that are only available in the App Store. Such users do not want to get involved in

vShare Android

vShare for android lets you download download apps including your favorite premium apps and games. ACMarket is a good alternative to vShare Android. You don’t always know if you are going to like a new game


MovieBox is becoming one of the most popular apps of all times and, for those who don’t know what it is, it is a portal for giving people Free Access to all sort of TV Shows and Movies on the device the app is installed on. MovieBox


Screen Recorders are among the most popular of apps downloaded from Cydia and one of the most popular used to be AirShou Screen Recorder. Sadly, it was removed from circulation some time ago, leaving users