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iOS 9.3.5 has been released recently, compounding on the previous version that patched up the PPHelper jailbreak. As you can no longer downgrade back to iOS 9.3.3, you can no longer use the jailbreak. There are those that don’t want to jailbreak but would still like to be able to try out paid games and apps for nothing and, luckily for all, there is an easy way to do that. We are talking about vShare [about], a popular app installer that contains a large number of these paid and premium apps, completely free of charge and without the need to jailbreak your iOS device. In a recent release, the vShare Team has announced that vShare has been updated to Support iOS 9.3.5 so everyone can download it and take advantage of what it brings.

Image : vShare iOS 9.3.5 Download

vshare ios 9.3.5 download

vShare Features :

First though, let’s just have a quick look at the main features of vShare:

  • An app installer that contains over a million paid, premium and free games and apps
  • Has more than 150 million global users
  • Easy to use with a user-friendly interface vshare_download_8 (3) 2
  • Apps are very easy to download
  • Will provide updates for every app or game that you download
  • Fully compatible with iOS 9.3.5

How to Download vShare iOS 9.3.5 :

  1. On your iPhone or iPad, open up Safari browser ios 10 safari
  2. Go to the address bar type in vsharedownload.com and then tap Go vshare_ios_10_safari1_ios_10 copy
  3. When the page has opened, locate and tap on the UP iPad users will see it at the top of the screen while iPhone users will find it at the bottom
  4. On the new window that pops up, tap on Add to Home Screen vshare_safari3
  5. Give the icon a name , call it vShare for the sake of simplicity and then tap Add vshare_safari1
  6. Close Safari down and look on your home screens where you should now see the vShare icon vshare_ios_10_safari2_ios_10

Video : This video details the steps for you

Disclaimer : Using vShare to download premium and paid apps for free is piracy and we do not condone this. We would urge you to use this only as a way of trying out an app or a game to see if you like it before you buy it through the proper channels.

vShare Not Working :

The vast majority of users will be able to download vShare and use it without any problems but a few users have reported coming up against an ssl error when they try to download. The error message may read something along the lines of “cannot connect to sslvshare.apvv.ap”. This is not a difficult problem to fix so give the following two methods a shot:

Method 1 : Safari Method

  1. Shut down every open Safari tab and then close Safari down properly through the app switcher close_safari_appswitcher_vshare
  2. Make sure you have no apps open on your iOS device
  3. Wait for a minute or so and then try again, following the download steps above
  4. If it doesn’t work and you still get the same message, shut down your iOS device and restart it . slide_to_power_off reboot

If you are still getting the ssl error message, move on to Method 2 below

Method 2 : vShare Helper

  1. Using the given link, download vShare Helper onto your PC
  2. Open vShare Helper and follow the instructions given to install vShare onto your iPhone or iPad on iOS 9.3.5 vshare helper download pc1

Let us know how you get on with vShare and please remember, only use it as a way of trying an app before you buy it. For more tutorials and up to date news, follow us on Facebook .




  1. Hi!
    I have a iPhone 6+, 9.3.5. I have cleared all screens, rebooted phone and opened VSHARE for 9.3.5, added to home screen . Thank you .

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